BIR President Tom Bird joins Scholz and Chiho


BIR President Tom Bird joins Scholz and Chiho

The Chiho Environmental Group (CEG), one of the world largest and most efficient industrial recyclers, has appointed William Thomas (Tom) Bird, the President of the Bureau of International Recycling federation (BIR), as its new Chief Trading Officer, effective 01 July 2021.

Being one of the members of the executive management team of the Group, Tom will be responsible for global trading management, trading strategy planning and streamlining trading policies and procedures of the Chiho Group and its subsidiary, Scholz Recycling.

CEG’s Chief Executive Officer Rafael Suchan points out that Tom, with his experience of more than 35 years in local and global markets, as well as his network, will help the company to better leverage the Group’s more than 240 yard strong global footprint.

“Tom has an excellent understanding of regional and international raw material markets and their interconnections. He has the experience to assess recycling routes and thus, help our industrial customers to secure their material input and make them more circular. I am glad to have him returning to the team which demonstrates the value of the company and the commitment to the changes ahead.” 

Chiho CEO Rafael Suchan about Tom Bird joining the Group

His return to the Group follows a recently kicked off transformation process which will underline and broaden Chiho’s and Scholz stake in an effective circular economy. Additionally, Tom has experienced family businesses integrating into large organizations and therefore has vast experience across all levels from yard to top management supporting CEG’s strategy for improvement.

“I am honored to rejoin the Chiho and Scholz team. The current development is offering exiting opportunities for me, other employees and customers to drive sustainable and carbon-free supply routes. The Group has extensive potential I will help to lift along local and world markets.”

Tom Bird comments on his new role as Chief Trading Officer of the Company

The appointment of Tom Bird falls into a time of a very positive business development as the Chiho Environmental Group has recently published on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.