Scholz with Deep Sea Harbor


Scholz with Deep Sea Harbor

End of November marks a new milestone for Uniscrap, the Group’s Danish recycling member. At Taulov Dry Port the company has recently opened one of the most modern operation facilities. The 20,000 square meter yard is linked to a nearby deep sea terminal in Frederica Port.

Taulov is now one of the most modern scrap yards in Denmark, equipped with the latest technology and maximum consideration for the environment. Together with the new port facility in Fredericia, Uniscrap has strengthened its position for the future as a major player in the Danish recycling industry.

“It is an important milestone and a great day at Uniscrap. It is not every day that we inaugurate a new space with deep sea facilities”, Bo Sandemand, Chief Operating Officer, said when moving the company and its 20 employees from Kolding to its new headquarters at Princess Quarter 6.

The new yard offers 20,000 square meters of office and storage area for recycable metals. It is connected to a loading area five kilometers away of another 6,500 square meters at the Port of Fredericia. The 15 meters depth of the port allows Uniscrap to ship its products on large bulk and container ships. For the new year, the company even gets a bigger and permanent handling area at the quay.

Uniscrap is one of the new companies which settled down in the Taulov industrial area. Among others, Google is building its data center next door, and a little further down, the grocery company DLG is building its new logistics center.