Dr Hauschulte leaves Scholz Group


Dr Hauschulte leaves Scholz Group

The Chiho Environment Group Limited (“CEG” or the “Company”, stock code: 976.HK) on behalf of the Scholz Recycling GmbH announced that Dr Klaus Hauschulte has resigned from his office as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Scholz, the Company’s biggest subsidiary as of November 19, 2019 and to terminate his employment agreement in mutual consent.


During his past two years with the organization Dr Hauschulte has envisioned and managed great change. He has been instrumental in leading Scholz through a period of significant new steps. Nonetheless Dr Hauschulte has resigned so that the company can pursue a variant but consistent business strategy.


Mr Yongming Qin, Chief Executive Officer of CEG, wants to thank Dr Hauschulte for his dedicated service which involved many significant accomplishments, including:

– shaping one group and integrating the subsidiaries into a common network

– facilitating a new financial organization

– establishing a technology board and roadmap

– enhancing a key account management by acquiring several new customers

– pushing processes optimization from yard to management via the Scholz 2022 Vision

– initiating a strong and relevant footprint in politics and associations


In order to ensure continuity in the Company’s subsidiary management in the current situation, CEG intends to temporarily install Mr Qin, CEG’s CEO, also as CEO of the Scholz Recycling GmbH.


On behalf of the Company’s Board Mr Qin appreciates very much the effort, dedication and personal engagement Dr Klaus Hauschulte has given to promote Scholz’ businesses. Over the next few months, the Company will be conducting a search to find the new Chief Executive Officer.