How to achieve what we call for on Earth Day?


How to achieve what we call for on Earth Day?

On the road to a global carbon neutrality Scholz’ CEO Rafael Suchan was attending the Boao Forum for Asia, a high level economic meeting to talk about how to achieve a sustainable and green economic targets, something initiatives around Earth Day are calling for.

We are well aware that climate change is an urgent global issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Also in China. The 2060 carbon dioxide emissions peak and carbon neutrality goal, to a large extent, reflects China’s commitment to sustainable green development. 

CEO Rafael Suchan talks with CGTN about circular economy

That’s also what Rafael Suchan has talked about with CGTN broadcasting station. Climate Neutrality is an opportunity for the industry to further implement and enhance circular economy.  However, it is a huge challenge for China and other countries around the world to significantly  improve or change the way we produce, use and recycle within one to two investment cycles. 

Therefore, Scholz and recycling plays a vital role by providing solutions which can be implemented immediately with great impact on saving resources and energy, as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The topics of this year’s Boao Forum are both inheritance and innovation. There are six major sections and dozens of events, covering hot topics such as “Dual Circulation”, “Opening-up the Financial Industry”, “Carbon Neutrality”, “Digital Economy and Sustainable Development”.

The entire Chiho and Scholz Group has always been a responder and practitioner of a sustainable development. In 2020, The capacity of metal processing of Chiho Group reached 5 million tons, which reduced carbon emissions by about 7.8 million tons after equivalent conversion.