Changes in Personnel: Growing Closer Together


Changes in Personnel: Growing Closer Together

Essingen/Hong Kong. The integration of Scholz Recycling and its parent company Chiho Environmental Group (CEG) is beingintensified by expanding the area of responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the ChiefOperations Officer (COO). Martin Simon who is currently responsible for the finance functions at ScholzRecycling Group becomes Group CFO and Executive Director at Chiho. At the same time, MarcBreidenbach is taking over as Chiho’s Group COO. Both appointments are effective from June 23, 2020.

Since 2016, Scholz has gone through different structural changes which enabled the company to growcloser together with its parent company Chiho Environmental Group based in Hong Kong. “It is animportant move to link operations between our established business in Europe and our growingactivities in Asia”, Rafael Suchan, Chief Executive Officer of Chiho, describes the adaptions.

Martin Simon has already assumed full finance responsibility for operational entities up to Scholz Group level. “That is why it is a logical next step to integrate this role also into our operations andresponsibilities on the corporate holding level”, Suchan comments and highly welcomes him as anExecutive Director and CFO to the previously unoccupied position at CEG.

Additionally, Marc Breidenbach expands his current role from COO International at Scholz Recycling to Group COO of the whole Chiho Environmental Group. “Having one person in charge will significantlyimprove the bi-directional exchange of market and operational know-how within the Group”, CEO RafaelSuchan says.

Scholz actively enters a stronger period of cooperation to bring specific regional and global market know-how together, not only to serve large industrial manufacturers, foundries and mills but also to have a proven operational portfolio for any small or medium sized enterprise worldwide. Both personnel moves will support Scholz and Chiho to quickly react, adapt and expand also to and in new markets. Scholz has recently announced its first operational project with Weiqiao Pioneering Group, the world’s largest aluminum producer, in China. Therefore Rafael Suchan, who has been living in China for more than 15 years is driving these opportunities: “The appointment of Martin Simon and Marc Breidenbach is a unique opportunity. I am looking forward to combine and join the cultures as well as adding a value to our customers at the same time.”