Rafael Suchan New CEO at Scholz and Chiho


Rafael Suchan New CEO at Scholz and Chiho

The Scholz Group, one of Europe’s largest metal recyclers, and the Chinese holding company Chiho Environmental Group (CEG) will be headed by a new, joint managing director as of 01 March 2020. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Rafael Suchan is to manage the international business across the entire Group and thus bring the global companies even closer together.

From 01st of March, Rafael Suchan will become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the parent company CEG and at the same time takes over the vacant CEO position at the Essingen-based recycler Scholz. “With Mr. Suchan, we have a new strong CEO who can rely on more streamlined decision-making structures and thus interlink the Group more effectively,” says former Chiho director Henry Qin. As Chairman of CEG, Qin will continue to contribute his extensive experience to the Group.

As a result, not only the activities of Chiho in China and Asia, but also the entire Scholz Group, with its subsidiaries in Europe and North America, will be managed from a single source. With Mr. Suchan, an internationally experienced manager from the chemical group Lanxess will take over the operational and strategic management.

The industry and digital expert Suchan was born near the founding place of the Scholz company in Silesia, Poland. He grew up in Germany, has lived in China with his family for almost fifteen years and always works globally. “For this very reason,” says Henry Qin, “I am convinced that Mr. Suchan is also culturally the ideal person to bring our group closer together.” “For all of us, it is important that we as a global group with activities in Asia, Europe and North America work together more strongly and more closely. This is the only way we can develop and offer optimal and comprehensive solutions for our customers,” says the designated CEO. “It is one of Scholz’s strengths to serve both local customers and large global industrial companies comprehensively in recycling and thus in resource saving. We must pool this experience, learn from it and extend our knowledge. Together with our parent company, Chiho, Scholz is one of the best positioned companies globally in the field of sustainability.”