Recycling. Resources. Responsibility.

"Recycling. Resources. Responsibility." This is not just the motto, but also the mission of Scholz Recycling GmbH: we aim to do sustainable recycling to conserve resources and thus to take responsibility for the environment and for the generations to come. After all, we are one of the most important trading, processing and recycling companies for steel and metal scrap in all qualities and varieties. We use state-of-the-art systems and work processes to ensure that the recycling gap is closed for secondary materials. Large industrial operations, as well as public services and private customers, rely on us to handle waste from demolished and gutted buildings, dismantled plant and material analyses.

Scholz Recycling GmbH is part of the Chiho Environmental Group (CEG), a large metal recycling company in China. As an internationally active group, CEG has set itself the goal of becoming one of the most important global suppliers of raw materials, both in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in Europe.


Optimised processes for the environment

The Scholz Group comprises a global network of companies and shareholdings in the processing and handling of scrap and metals. Thanks to this network, the consolidated group is one of the few recyclers that offers all activities for the processing of metals and scrap iron from one provider. Hundreds of collection and storage locations with optimum infrastructure, as well as recycling systems for every need are available in all parts of the world. A global infrastructure that allows the Scholz Group to combine scrap into gigantic material flows every day and to move it around the world. A reliable infrastructure that also benefits the Scholz subsidiaries in the neighbouring business segments.


Reliability, simplicity and a sense of responsibility shape the company principles of Scholz Group. In an international field, it is one of the leading recyclers of steel and metal scrap. Much of the internal investment flows into optimised processing – and thus into improved working conditions and environmental protection.

The Scholz Group in numbers

In its endeavours to meet customers worldwide and their requirements every day, the Scholz Group has created a corporate structure that sets standards in many respects. Would you have thought that the storage area of all the Scholz Group’s sites is larger than 1,200 football fields? Did you know that the company’s roughly 750 lorries drive a distance equivalent to almost three and a half times around the world on a daily basis? Or that the corporate group prevented the emission of around 7 million tonnes of CO2e in 2022? This is the amount of CO2 that would have been produced if the material recycled by the Scholz Group had been obtained from primary raw materials rather than from scrap.


The Scholz Group in overview:


  • Turnover 1.63 billion euro in 2022
  • Approx. 3,000 staff
  • Over 200 sites worldwide
  • More than 50 shareholdings

From a one-man operation to a global player

When Paul Scholz opened a small sorting plant in Lower Silesia in 1872, he probably never dreamt that this would become an international company group. Today, the Scholz Group has around 5,000 employees and, as a supplier of secondary raw material scrap, supplies hundreds of steelworks, foundries and smelters around the world.


With courage and foresight, the Scholz Group has always adapted successfully to changing conditions, for example, when the company moved to Aalen in the late 1940s, as well as in the 1970s with the establishment of European trade relations. The Group itself is now active in the USA, Mexico and China. The Scholz Group has also continuously expanded its areas of business over the years.


It is now not only a leader in the recycling of scrap from steel and non-ferrous metals, but has also made a name for itself with the disposal, service and logistics concepts offered by its companies.


December 2016 marked an exciting new chapter in the history of Scholz. That’s when the Scholz Group was acquired by the Chiho Environmental Group, the leading Chinese recycler and importer of mixed scrap metals and the largest buyer of old electric motors from Europe.

Protection of natural resources

Scholz Recycling GmbH is part of the Chiho Environmental Group (CEG), one of the largest metal recycling companies in China. As an internationally active Group, CEG has set itself the goal of becoming one of the most important global suppliers of raw materials, both in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in Europe and the USA.


Since it was founded in 1995, CEG has become one of the largest metal recycling companies in China. USUM Investment Group Co., Ltd. is the majority shareholder in the Chiho Environmental Group. CEG is focusing on the protection of the environment and natural resources. Thus it is not just the name, but also the CEG logo that is intended to reflect commitment to the recycling sector. The circle on the left stands for recycling, in other words the raw materials cycle. This circle opens towards the name, which is shown in Chinese characters. In other words: Chiho is part of the recycling industry and actively controls the flow of materials.


Actually, the challenges associated with growing volumes of waste are far more tangible in China than in Western countries. Illegal landfill sites, waste incineration and other inadmissible forms of disposal are widespread. This is the reason why a change of heart among the population at large is so important for China’s environmental agenda. The issue at stake is the transition from a disposable society to a more sustainable society in which recycling is the focus. CEG aims to tackle these problems with modern technologies from Scholz, such as the recycling of end-of-life vehicles.


Through the recycling of metals CEG understands itself as an environmental company and the name Chiho Environmental Group reflects this mission and this responsibility. Accordingly, this position is also fully supported by the company’s shareholders, to whom environmental protection is extremely important.

Based on sustainable environmental conditions

A growing world population and rising standards of living also mean more waste and greater dependence on natural raw materials. By the way, after water and concrete, metals are the most used raw materials worldwide. Last year, more than 90 percent of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap delivered to Scholz and Chiho yards was recycled. The recycling of metals takes pressure off landfill sites, cuts greenhouse gas-emissions and reduces the exploitation of non-renewable resources. It also reduces energy consumption.


Unlike other materials such as concrete, plastics, etc., metal can be recycled an unlimited number of times without sacrificing performance. This is why CEG assumes there will be an increasing demand for metals, especially in the construction industry, where metals can replace concrete. Over the past 20 years, the world’s raw material conglomerates, whether for iron ore, oil or gas, have been among the world’s 50 largest companies. CEG is convinced that the gradual transition from natural raw materials to recycled secondary raw materials will accelerate over the next 20 years.


Consequently, CEG – and thus also the Scholz Group – is well positioned to become a world leader in the metal recycling industry in the long term. Under the leadership of CEG, the Scholz Group is committed to the responsible management of the environment and is clearly committed to environmental sustainability.


The group’s declared goal is to become a first-class globally active member of the recycling industry, supported by its strong network, global technology leadership and its extraordinary talent pool of employees from a wide variety of cultures.


Thanks to the global market position of CEG, the Scholz Group is set to become one of the world’s leading recycling companies, whose mission is based on sustainable environmental conditions.


Therefore, the following Code of Conduct as well as the Corporate policy serves as a benchmark and orientation to meet the very high environmental and social responsibility of Scholz Recycling GmbH. It supports us in acting ethically and sustainably in the sense of our legal, economic, ecological and social responsibility.