Safety Instructions


Safety Instructions for External Companies

As a current event, we are providing you with our letter to business partners regarding the cyberattack in German and English:

Customer Letter Cyber Attack


Extract from our corporate policy:

Occupational health and safety protection for our employees, customers, temporary staff and subcontractors providing services as part of our business activities is more than just a legal requirement for us. Our aim is to create and continually improve the working conditions under which all employees, suppliers and customers remain healthy, as well as preventing workplace-related illnesses and accidents. It is self-evident for us that we must comply with all legal and other requirements in the area of occupational health and safety. In the following, you will find documentation on our current safety requirements for visitors, suppliers, customers, third parties and shipping companies to download:



Scholz Recycling GmbH working regulations

Safety regulations for customers, shipping companies and visitors flyer

Safety instructions for external companies, shipping companies or disposal companies