Recycling. Resources.



“Recycling. Resources. Responsibility.” This is not just the motto of Scholz Recycling GmbH, but also its ambition: the company aims to do sustainable recycling to conserve resources and thus to take responsibility for the environment and for the generations to come. After all, we are one of the most important trading, processing and recycling companies for steel and metal scrap in all qualities and varieties. We use state-of-the-art systems and work processes to ensure that the recycling gap is closed for secondary materials. Large industrial operations, as well as public services and private customers, rely on us to handle waste from demolished and gutted buildings, dismantled plant and material analyses.


Scholz Recycling GmbH is part of the Chiho Environmental Group (CEG), a large metal recycling company in China. As an internationally active group, CEG has set itself the goal of becoming one of the most important global suppliers of raw materials, both in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in Europe.



We take nature as the model for our business: a material cycle in which nothing gets wastes and resources are sustainably husbanded. That’s why we see steel and metal recycling as an active contribution to environmental protection. After all, Scholz Recycling GmbH helps close the gap between secondary raw materials and finished products. This is ensured by smooth logistics, geographical proximity to steel mills and foundries, as well as favourable infrastructure. Naturally this applies equally to recyclable materials such as electronic waste, plastics, waste wood and much more.

Business Units


We make sure that everything we do is ecologically justifiable and economically meaningful. Our companies have set up a quality management system that meets this requirement. We work with state-of-the-art processing technology: Using state-of-the-art processing equipment for shredder residues, as well as high-performance shredder systems, scrap shears, rail breakers, baling presses and crushers, our employees implement innovative recycling processes effectively. Thus, we actively take responsibility for the environment and for the generations to come.


Service from one provider

Whether you are a bring-in supplier or a big industrial client, in addition to the classic recycling business, Scholz Recycling GmbH is continuously expanding its efforts and services, aiming to increase performance and customer orientation. In line with the respective requirements and needs of the customer also includes individual special solutions and a wide range of services. Service from one provider.


Our services at a place near you

The Scholz Group stands for a tightly knit network of numerous suppliers, collection points and recycling operations. This means that we close the recycling circle and promote the environmentally friendly and responsible handling of resources. All of this is in line with our motto: “Recycling. Resources. Responsibility.”


Shaping the future

If you want to become part of the increasingly important task of looking after the future of raw materials, then you should apply to Scholz Recycling GmbH today. A whole host of fields of activity and interesting jobs await you