Caring Aid | Scholz Donates Materials to Turkey Earthquake-stricken Area


Caring Aid | Scholz Donates Materials to Turkey Earthquake-stricken Area

Recently, the strong earthquake in Turkey has caused great damage in the local area, and the disaster area are facing a serious shortage of goods and materials. Together with the aid organizations and Turkish association “Kulturclub Antakya Aalen e.V.” and the surrounding area, the city of Aalen have initiated an aid campaign, because the City Hatay in Turkey the twin City of Aalen is in the middle of the earthquake area.

As a company that has always regarded social responsibility as the core value, Scholz paid close attention to the earthquake disaster in Turkey, contacted the municipality in Aalen, to consult the needs of the disaster area at the first time, and donated more than 600 pieces of jackets and trousers for Turkey on February 10.

Mr. Brütting, the lord major in Aalen, thanked the Scholz team who delivered the materials to the site in person. Mr. Brütting said: “After the earthquake, the Scholz team actively contacted us and quickly coordinated the transportation of materials, which moved us very much. Your help will bring inspiration and strength to the people in the disaster area.”

Qin Yongming, CEO of Scholz Group, said: “Hearing the earthquake in Turkey, we quickly held a company meeting to discuss material assistance. Considering the cold weather in Turkey and the need for rescue and reconstruction work, we mobilized the Purchase Department, the Transportation departments to pack and transport more than 600 pieces of clothes for Turkey. We hope that these clothes can help on-site rescue workers resist the wind and cold, contribute to the post disaster reconstruction, and could deliver warm and loving care for Turkey people.

“Our packing and transportation work is very smooth. Everyone is enthusiastic that could help the people affected by the disaster within our capabilities. That is also the embodiment of our social responsibility.” Colleagues from the purchase department, local scrapyard-Management Essingen and logistic department of Scholz.