Service from one provider

Whether you are a bring-in supplier or a big industrial client, in addition to the classic recycling business, Scholz Recycling GmbH is continuously expanding its efforts and services, aiming to increase performance and customer orientation. In line with the respective requirements and needs of the customer also includes individual special solutions and a wide range of services. All services from a single source.


Bring-in suppliers

Scholz Recycling GmbH is happy to deal with all kinds of scrap. Naturally this includes even small quantities from bring-in suppliers. In specific terms this means: both small bring-in suppliers and collectors as well as commercial businesses can dispose of their scrap at any of our sites during opening hours. We take a personal, uncomplicated, professional and sustainable approach. We handle everything from steel scrap to non-ferrous metals to recyclables such as electronic scrap, waste paper, waste wood, plastics and much more. Invoicing is transparent and fair according to quality or classification and weight  and based on daily market prices.


You will find our nearest location to you here.


I.) The safety of our suppliers and customers is our top priority. Therefore, please note our safety instructions valid on our company’s premises. The instructions can be viewed on-site and contribute to your personal safety.
When delivering to Scholz Recycling GmbH, the following procedure must be observed:

  1. Make yourself known at the weighing station/cash point/Confirmation of the safety instructions
  2. First weighing
  3. Assessment of the material
  4. Unloading and second weighing
  5. Calculation at the cash point


Please note that we are not permitted to accept hazardous substances or secondary raw materials with following hazardous adhesives/ characteristics:

– Mercury or mercury adhesives
– Explosive devices
– Objects that may cause explosion
– Closed hollow containers (e.g. pressure vessels/ gas bottles)
– Substances with ionising radiation, if they are above the measured background radiation of the surrounding areas!



II.) You should bring the following papers and documents with you:

– Private suppliers/customers: Identity card

– Commercial suppliers/customers: Completed self-declaration form Download


III.) If you are delivering material to us on behalf of another person or company, we need the authorisation of the owner of the material: Authorisation form Download

Industrial customers

Scholz has systematically developed its know-how. This leads to needs and market-oriented solutions. Thanks to the global presence of Scholz Group, we are almost always close to our customers, wherever they may be, with our own certified sites that consistently meet the highest standards. In this era of globalisation, in particular, this is a decisive competitive advantage for our long-standing international industrial customers, among them lots of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers. On request, we also offer project-specific in-house solutions. This ranges from in-plant logistics to on-site processing of secondary raw materials in order to provide our customers with the best possible added value. On demand we are directly available for 24 hours on 7 days of the week in all respects .


Another speciality of Scholz Recycling GmbH is the disposal and recycling of passenger carriages, freight wagons, locomotives, special machinery and turbines. Our portfolio also includes: disposal of end-of-life vehicles and electronic scrap, material analyses for all types of ferrous scrap and non-ferrous metals, as well as individual special solutions for logistics – either by truck, ship or train.


In addition, we can also handle industrial demolition and on-site dismantling on behalf of our customers, taking care of the complete disposal of entire industrial manufacturings.


Invoicing is transparent and fair on the basis of daily market prices, which are calculated by using industry-standard price indices, e.g. BDSV or LME.


As a member of the most important industry associations (BIR, BDSV, VDM, etc.), we are also constantly active in setting new standards to benefit our customers. In addition, state-of-the-art systems and work processes ensure maximum efficiency throughout the world.


The Scholz name stands for a large number of major companies in the scrap recycling sector. Our uncompromising orientation to the needs of our customers and, in particular, our customer-specific steelworks services have made the Scholz Group a much-sought-after scrap recycler. As a supplier of steel and metal scrap in the form of secondary raw materials, we are a safe and reliable partner for scrap consumers. Our access to productive and high-quality sources of raw materials guarantees a consistently high level of supply security. Numerous steel mills, foundries and smelting plants all over the world therefore rely on Scholz to supply with high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous scrap according to regional and international standards.


In order to be able to combine the resulting material streams, Scholz has created a transport and logistics structure that delivers top performance every day – by road, rail and water. Thus, proximity to the market, security and transparency are part of our business principles – in all parts of the world.