Reporting Channel for Whistleblowers


Reporting Channel for Whistleblowers

Scholz Recycling GmbH whistleblower system

An internal reporting office enables employees of Scholz Recycling GmbH both to report national violations of the law in confidence and to make a significant contribution to their clarification (§ 13 para. 2 HinSchG). In addition, the system enables external third parties (e.g. customers, business partners…) to submit corresponding reports along the supply chain based on § 8 + 9 of the Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz (Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains).

A good compliance management system with the option of an internal reporting office offers many advantages to all parties involved:


  • …it creates trust,

    in the company as such and in its activities among its own employees, customers, business partners and the public in terms of integrity and a sense of responsibility and action geared towards this.

  • …protects the persons involved

    who provide information via the Internal Reporting Office or whose rights are affected by the report.

  • …enables an early warning system,

    through early preventive sensitization to company-related misconduct (“early warning function”).

  • …strengthens Scholz Recycling GmbH as a company,

    as legal and economic risks can be identified and reduced at an early stage in order to protect against economic damage and reputational damage and to promote the corporate culture in the long term.


Contact persons & reporting channels

If you have specific, substantiated information about possible legal or compliance violations, in particular violations of human rights or environmental obligations, you can contact our Internal Reporting Office in confidence using the following reporting channels:

In writing

  • via our online reporting portal: Scholz Recycling GmbH uses an online tool from an external service provider, which you can use to send us information quickly and easily. Our tool guarantees an absolutely confidential and secure exchange between you, as the person providing the information, and the responsible internal departments via a mailbox specially set up for this purpose.

Click here to go to our reporting portal:


By telephone

via the telephone channel of our online reporting portal
From Germany: +49 800 3800 999 (Mon. – Fri.: 09:00 – 17:00)
From abroad: +49 69 99998839 (Mon. – Fri.: 09:00 – 17:00)

Of course, you can also submit your report anonymously. In order to be able to follow up an anonymous report appropriately, we ask you to include as many details and documents as possible to support your report. After all, your report can only have an effect if there are sufficiently concrete investigation approaches and possibilities for analyzing the causes.


Please note: In principle, the external whistleblowing offices of the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ), the Federal Cartel Office (BKartA) and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) are also available to you in the same way as our internal reporting office. These external reporting offices will contact you with a confirmation of receipt and inform you of the possibility of reporting to our internal reporting office. If, after examining your report, the external reporting office comes to the conclusion that it falls within the scope of the Whistleblower Protection Act and the allegation is valid, it will contact Scholz Recycling GmbH to clarify the facts. If the external reporting office is unable to clarify the matter within a reasonable period of time, it will pass it on to the responsible prosecuting authorities.

In order to follow up on the report quickly, efficiently and in full, and to remedy any existing grievance quickly, we ask you to give priority to the Internal Reporting Office of Scholz Recycling GmbH. In doing so, you will help the persons concerned, your colleagues and Scholz Recycling GmbH to remedy undesirable developments at an early stage.