New slogan and new website stress that aim


New slogan and new website stress that aim

“Recycling. Resources. Responsibility.“ These three words describe not only the new appearance of Scholz Recycling GmbH, but also represent a significant statement to position the international operating corporate group more clearly in the market. Henry Qin, CEO of Scholz Recycling GmbH: “We consciously chose a new slogan to send a strong message to all our business partners, to the public and to all stakeholders: Scholz is one of the leading brands when it comes to sustainable recycling of various kinds of materials and in the production of secondary raw materials.”


The new brand presence of Scholz Recycling GmbH is reflected already in the new website of the company (www.scholz-recycling.de) and it stresses explicitly the affiliation of Scholz Group to the parent company Chiho Environmental Group Ltd. (CEG). CEG, one of the largest metal recycling companies in China and a Group with worldwide operations, has set itself the goal of becoming one of the most important global suppliers of raw materials, both in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in Europe and the USA.


From Scholz’s perspective this aim is a clear commitment to the core value of the brand Scholz. “Our company represents sustainability since its foundation in 1872. Today – by expansions and acquisitions – about 3,400 employees within Scholz Group work hard to achieve the target to close the raw material cycle” said Henry Qin. This sustainability value stresses the core business of Scholz Recycling GmbH – trading and recycling of scrap, secondary raw material for steel plants, foundries and smelting plants and thereby reducing our society dependency on primary sources of raw materials and carbon footprint.


As identifiable symbol for closing the cycles will in future appear under the well-known Scholz logo also the figurative mark from the CEG logo. CEG consciously decided to use this logo; it’s synonymous for the recycling economy and the resource cycle. “Scholz Group belongs to Chiho Environmental Group. This strengthens us in trading and the international commodity markets; the new brand image represents this strong commitment.” Henry Qin also mentions that “it’s a growing global task to ensure raw material supplies worldwide and we address this challenge with our daily work.”


After water and concrete, metals are the most consumed raw materials in the world. Unlike other materials such as concrete or plastics, metals can be re-melt to serve new uses unlimited number of times. “The declared goal of Scholz Group is derived directly from the mission to become a global leading member of the recycling industry through dedication, technology and sustainability development.”


About Scholz
A member of Chiho Environmental Group, Scholz is a leading European scrap recycler with an impressive regional presence in Germany, Poland, Austria, the Balkans, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the United States of America and Mexico. Furthermore it is internationally one of the largest recycling companies for ferrous and non-ferrous metal.


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